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V Shem, Khim Wah back together … for good (pic)

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Category: Badminton News Published: 13 December 2013
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NAYPYITAW: National men’s doubles shuttlers Goh V Shem and Lim Khim Wah are excited to resume their partnership after ending their short stint – with back-up pairs – on a sour note at the SEA Games badminton competition.

On Friday, V Shem-Teo Kok Siang slumped to a 17-21, 18-21 defeat to Berry Angriawan-Suwardi Karanda of Indonesia while Khim Wah-Ow Yao Han lost 16-21, 15-21 to Rian Agung Saputra-Angga Pratama, also of Indonesia.

Goh V Shem and Lim Khim Wah in a file photo. The duo are glad to pair up again after playing with back-up players for the last three months.
Goh V Shem and Lim Khim Wah in a file photo. The duo are glad to pair up again after playing with back-up players for the last three months.

Goh V Shem and Lim Khim Wah in a file photo. The duo are glad to pair up again after playing with back-up players for the last three months.

V Shem-Khim Wah have been playing with the back-up players for the last three months after they decided to part ways due to personal differences.

This is the third time they will be pairing up over the last three years.

The 24-year-old Khim Wah said that he did not expect to go far with debutant Yao Han in the SEA Games because of his partner’s inexperience.

“Our opponents kept targeting Yao Han ... I could not cover for him all the time. My job – to help another back-up player – is done here,” said Khim Wah.

“I’m not too disappointed with a bronze medal here. I would have been terribly upset if I crashed out at this stage with V Shem, though.”

On his decision to team up with V Shem again, Khim Wah said: “V Shem and I are ranked 16th in the world and it will be a waste to break up now.

“V Shem and I went to see BAM (Badminton Association of Malaysia) president (Tengku Tan Sri Mahaleel Tengku Ariff) before the SEA Games and he motivated us to stay on.

“I have decided to put our personal differences aside and give our partnership another shot. This time it is for good and I will not go back on my word. I hope to break into the top 10 with him.”

V Shem also promised to be more supportive of his partner, Khim Wah.

“I have high expectations and I tend to be easily distracted when my partner makes mistakes. Now, I will learn to be more professional and support him no matter what,” said V Shem.

“I made the decision to reunite with him and I also listened to advice from my coaches Tan Kim Her and Pang Cheh Chang. This time, I will stick with him ... through thick and thin.

“Khim Wah and I have reached quite a good standard. With a good ranking now, we can also play in the Super Series and try to win tournaments which offer good prize money.”

With the return of Khim Wah-V Shem, and the sudden progress shown by Hoon Thien How-Tan Wee Kiong, Malaysia can look forward to good results from the men’s doubles shuttlers next season.

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