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Sticking by partner works for Boe-Mogensen (pic)

Category: Badminton News Published: 16 October 2013
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ODENSE (Denmark): China, South Korea and Indonesia have experimented with splitting their doubles combinations but Danish doubles star Mathias Boe believes that sticking with his partner is definitely the way to go.

The 33-year-old Boe has played with several partners in his career but it is his partnership with Carsten Mogensen that has made the most impact.

The pair played 343 matches together and won a silver medal at the London Olympics. They were also runners-up at the World Championships in August.Mathias Boe-Carsten Mogensen in a file photo. The pair have played 343 matches together and won a silver medal at the London Olympics.

China have split their Olympic gold medallists Cai Yun-Fu Haifeng and South Korea have also done away with current world No. 1 Lee Yong-dae-Ko Sung-hyun.

Indonesia have had no problems tinkering with their doubles pairs too and have enjoyed tremendous success with Mohd Ahsan-Hendra Setiawan winning the world title this year.

But, Boe, who is ranked third in the world with Mogensen, believes that “having the trust and understanding with my partner is the secret to our staying power”.

“Perhaps, it’s an Asian trend to split their pairs but China and South Korea have so many good players who can still deliver,” said Boe.

“Perhaps also they have less say in their partnerships whereas Carsten and I get to decide on whether to continue as a pair.

“Ultimately, though, I still have a good understanding with Carsten and we believe we can still beat all the new pairs ... and that’s what kept us going.

“There is still a big gap between the younger Danish players and us ... so, there’s no chance we’ll be splitting or retiring any time soon.

“There is good potential coming through but still not good enough ... there is a lot that the younger pairs can still learn from us.”

The experienced left-hander, who is also an Odense native, believes that playing at home will give him the advantage in the ongoing Denmark Open.

Second seeds Boe-Mogensen should have no problem against New Zealand’s Kevin Dennerly Minturn-Oliver Leydon Davis in the first round.

“It’s great playing at home again. I’m from Odense and there will be friends and family here ... which will be an extra motivation,” said Boe.

“It’s also nice not having to travel so far for a change and I think the cold weather here will also work in our favour.”



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