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Aik Mong sticking to his guns (pic)

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Category: Badminton News Published: 20 September 2013
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KUALA LUMPUR: The Badminton Association of Malaysia’s (BAM) Talent Management Group director Tan Aik Mong is not going to change the way he does things to please any one.

On Friday, Aik Mong said that he would stick to his methods in a bid to turn around Malaysian badminton and bring back the glory days as envisioned by the association’s president Tengku Tan Sri Mahaleel Tengku Ariff.

Aik Mong’s way of communicating to the coaches has not gone down well with many in the set-up and even led to Rashid Sidek’s resignation on Thursday. The former national singles chief coach said that he did not like the way all of them were undermined as coaches and lost the joy of coaching. Tan Aik Mong: 'I am here to do my job ... that’s all. I cannot help it if others find that I am not so obliging or I am not that soft. They cannot expect me to be soft. I cannot help being the way I am.'

On Friday, in response to the reasons cited by Rashid for his resignation, the 63-year-old Aik Mong said that he was not at an age where he could change the way he speaks or his straightforward demeanour when dealing with others.

“Whenever there are changes, no one likes it. They always interpret things from the way you speak. It is difficult for me to make changes by talking or treating them the way they want me to,” said Aik Mong.

“This is how I talk. This is how I say things. This is how I put all the facts down.

“I am here to do my job ... that’s all. I cannot help it if others find that I am not so obliging or I am not that soft. They cannot expect me to be soft. I cannot help being the way I am. This is the way I do things,” said Aik Mong, who is backed by Tengku Mahaleel.

“I have spoken personally with most of the coaches and players and even Lee Chong Wei. I have even had a word with the players staying in the hostel. The first basic question that we have to ask is – do we want to remain the way we are now or do we want to go higher,” said Tengku Mahaleel.

“If we do stay like this, countries like Thailand and India will continue advancing ahead of us. Yes, there may be a few who will agree with the changes and for us, we will continue to do things this way because we want to be a winning team.”

Asked about Aik Mong’s interference in coaching matters, he said: “He is not a coach but a manager. He manages all the coaches. It is time for someone to question all these coaches and re-look at what they are doing,” he said. 

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