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Liu Ying to focus on mixed doubles (pic)

Category: Badminton News Published: 14 August 2013
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KUALA LUMPUR: Mixed doubles shuttler Goh Liu Ying will stick to just one event after suffering a hand injury at the recent World Championships in Guangzhou.

She will stick with Chan Peng Soon in the mixed doubles and forego her partnership with Lim Yin Loo in the women’s doubles.

“This is the best decision. This will surely make Peng Soon and coach Jeremy (Gan) happy,” said Liu Ying, who added that she had to do some soul searching after the world meet.Goh Liu Ying (foreground) and partner Chan Peng Soon went down to Kim Ki-jung-Kyung Eun-jung of South Korea in the second round of the World Championships in Guangzhou this month. Liu Ying now intends to focus on the mixed doubles and give up competing in the women's doubles.

The Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) wanted Liu Ying to focus on only one event earlier this year but Liu Ying felt that she could cope with juggling between the two events.

Prior to the injury, she did exceptionally well in both events.

Now, though, the 23-year-old Liu Ying realises that her body can’t cope with playing in two events and “the injury has made it harder for me to raise my level of play”.

In Guangzhou, she could not push herself because of the hand injury. In the mixed doubles, Liu Ying-Peng Soon went down to Kim Ki-jung-Kyung Eun-jung of South Korea in the second round. In the women’s doubles, Liu Ying-Yin Loo lost to Eun-jung-Kim Ha-na in the second round.

Liu Ying was clearly disappointed with her fourth world meet outing, having also failed to clear the early rounds with Peng Soon in the last three editions.

“I feel sorry for my partner, coach and BAM. They had given everything in training and did everything right ... but the last-minute injury spoiled everything. I feel sad and sorry about it,” she said.

Liu Ying picked up the injury during the centralised training in Hong Kong prior to the world meet. She had also suffered knee injuries in the past and took stem cell injections for some time.

“I take responsibility for our failures at the world meet. I feel like I’ve hurt my partner and coach. I do not want to be disappointed anymore,” she said.

“The (hand) injury has not healed yet and I’m still getting it treated. Hopefully, I won’t be troubled by it anymore ... I think my next tournament will probably be the Japan Open (next month).

“I still believe that Peng Soon and I can soar to greater heights if I can stay free from injuries.”

Coach Jeremy has alreadly made plans to field world No. 5 Peng Soon-Liu Ying in the Japan Open.

“They will play in the Japan Open next. The main focus is to improve their skills and defence,” said Jeremy.

Besides Peng Soon-Liu Ying, Jeremy has also drawn up short- and long-term goals for two other pairs – Tan Aik Quan-Lai Pei Jing and Ong Jian Guo-Lim Yin Loo.



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